What Do A Honda CRV, A Boeing 737, And The Famous Golden Gate Bridge Have In Common?


Dear Entrepreneur...

Perhaps you think it is a silly question? Let me assure you my intent is not to waste your time, but to give you useful information.

So what is the answer to the question? Is it steel, aluminum, or paint? All of them are correct; all are common building blocks.

But it's not the answer I had in mind… 

The other element all share is this… Every car, plane, and bridge starts with a concept, detailed in a plan.

You won’t find a successful company starting production without a solid technical plan. And you’ll find that most, if not all successful companies utilized a business plan at startup.

But sadly, this is not what most small business owners do!

They get an idea, rush out, and start a business… many have no plan whatsoever!

Unfortunately, most of these new businesses are doomed to fail from the very start; because without a plan, the odds of success are stacked against them.

But if they had a business plan, they would have a map to follow.


Let me share some numbers published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • 80% of new businesses survive their first year in business. 
  • 66% of new businesses fail two years after startup. 
  • 49.6% of new businesses stay open at least four years and
  • 39.5% of new businesses stay open past six years

It’s not a pretty picture!

And there seems to be little variance across industries or sectors.

But what’s the reason for this much failure?

There are many reasons, but the big three are lack of funds, lack of experience, and lack of planning.

While lack of funds and experience are mostly outside your control, proper planning is completely within your control.

Why So Little Planning?

Why is it so many new entrepreneurs don’t bother to plan? Well, there are reasons for it too.

For many, putting a solid business plan together is:

  • Intimidating
  • Confusing and
  • Too time-consuming

And that’s why many skip this important step altogether…

Yet, creating a business plan would allow them to identify and evaluate crucial facts about their future business.

You see, a good plan will tell you:

  • The validity of your business idea
  • The demand for your product or service in the market
  • The degree of competition in the market
  • Industrywide challenges and opportunities you might encounter
  • The funds required for startup
  • The number of patient visits required to breakeven
  • The number of patient visits required to generate income
  • The right fee structure to meet your financial goals
  • Your opportunity cost of moving forward
  • And so much more…

What You Must Know... 

All of the above is crucial information you want to know before you start your business.

It’s not something you want to figure out after you’ve:

  • Mortgaged your house to buy a building
  • Signed on the dotted line of a seven-year lease securing space for your clinic
  • Took out a loan for a $45,000 build-out on that space
  • Signed a contract to purchase $27,000 of equipment, you’ll never use
  • Or walked away from your $92,000 job, with excellent benefits and seven years of seniority!


You Need To Know Beforehand... 

  • If the numbers will work for you
  • If you have enough cash to start your business, or where to find more
  • If you need to adjust your assumptions to make the numbers work
  • If you are willing to accept the degree of opportunity cost

A Business Planning Program 

And this is why I’ve created “Smart Business Planning for Clinicians.” The program teaches you step by step how to put together a winning business plan in the shortest time possible.

It will remove any confusion and intimidation you may have felt about writing a business plan. While it can’t remove the time required to put your plan together, it can shorten it.

And, if you follow along and complete all exercises, by the end of the program the bulk of your plan will be done. Once you’ve finished your plan, you’ll have all the information to make solid business decisions and move forward.

What’s Included?

So let me tell you what’s included with “Smart Business Planning for Clinicians.” Here 's  what’s covered in the program:

  • How to determine if starting a practice is right for you so you can make the decision that’s best for you.
  • How to identify the key elements to your business success.
  • Which sections you must include when creating your business plan so it will work for a lender, business partner, and yourself.
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls when creating your business plan, so you’ll save yourself time and much headache.
  • How to create the right marketing for your practice so you can always attract a stream of new patients to your practice.
  • How to project income and expenses for your new practice so you’ll know when you’ll break even and when you’ll generate a profit. 
  • Which financials to include in your business plan, so your plan is complete and answers all questions.
  • How to evaluate the feasibility of your new practice before you commit any of your time and hard-earned cash.
  • How to package your plan so you can secure that bank loan and finally start your business.
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls made by new and established business owners when it comes to planning.
  • How to identify opportunities and challenges in your marketplace.
  • How to create a usable business plan that grows with your business.
  • And much more...

Tailored To Your Medical Practice

Smart Business Planning for Clinicians” is tailored to the medical practice. Yet all core principles discussed apply to both, the medical office and general business.

The program is delivered over eleven bite-sized videos. It covers all aspects of business planning.

In addition to eighteen months of access to all videos, you also get:

  • Downloadable PDFs of all modules so you can print them
  • Exercises to download, work through and complete
  • Worksheets to help you develop your own projections
  • Checklists to help you gather data and conduct  market research
  • A section outline to use as a model for your plan
  • Links to additional resources
  • A business glossary for quick reference

The program has been designed so that once you’ve completed all exercises, the bulk of your business plan will be in place.

Who Is It For?

So who is this program for?

  • It’s for people starting up their business
  • It’s for those wanting to grow their business
  • It’s for those wanting to re-evaluate and revamp their business
  • And it’s for those wanting to get their business ready for sale

But let me make one thing clear…

The program will not magically write a business plan for you; it's up to you to write your plan.. However, once you’ve completed the program, you’ll have the necessary skills and knowledge to write your own plan.

You'll also walk away with a deeper understanding of the inner workings of your business.

Often, people hire out their business plan or opt for a generic template. While this works for some, there is a problem…

No one knows your business idea or your business like you do; few have your expertise and understanding of health care. That’s why you are the best person for the job!

I know that creating a business plan is probably not one of your favorite things to do; it’s probably not even close…  

However, when you take the time and create your own business plan, you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of business. You’ll also discover all the information required to make informed business decisions.

You’ll have all the numbers so you can either:

  • Move forward with your business
  • Reevaluate your idea for the business or
  • Abandon the idea of starting a business altogether.

Writing your own business plan doesn’t give you a guarantee you will succeed in business. Yet, it sure does stack the odds of success in your favor!

Your investment in the “Smart Business Planning for Clinicians” program is just $97. It’s a one-time payment that gives you eighteen months of 24/7 access to all the videos and downloads.

But more than that, it gives you access to a skill set that can make or break your business.

Now it’s up to you to take advantage of this opportunity and move forward.

Click the button below and get immediate access to “Smart Business Planning for Clinicians.”

To your success,

Johanna Hofmann, MBA


PS:  Get ready to write your  plan in a few short weekends and get your business off the ground. Click the yellow button above and get instant access.

PPS:  Please note, this is a digital, not a physical product. If you have questions before making your purchase please contact us at [email protected]


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