DIY Credentialing:

Get It Right The First Time And Save A Bundle!


Dear Fellow Nurse Practitioner,

Of all the things we do to practice medicine, getting credentialed with insurance companies is not on the list of favorites.

But if you want to take insurance, you have to get credentialed.

Of course, you always have the choice of doing your own credentialing or hiring someone to do it for you.

No surprise here, right?

So then, what’s the big deal about getting credentialed? And why are providers hesitant and shy away from doing it themselves?

Well, here are  some of the reasons...

It’s because getting credentialed can be:

  • A tedious process… lots of details to track.
  • Time-consuming… it takes time to fill out the forms.
  • A hassle… it can be tough to keep track of it all.
  • Expensive… fees range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars.

And of course, once you’re credentialed, it doesn’t stop.

Depending on the insurance company, you have to get re-credentialed ever so often. So it’s no surprise that providers dislike this “credentialing business”…

Of course, you do have a choice in the matter.

  1. If you don’t accept insurance reimbursement, you don’t have to get credentialed.
  2. There are many companies that will do the credentialing for you.
  3. You can do the credentialing yourself.

So now, let’s take a closer look at your options…

Option One: All Cash

Many providers prefer to accept insurance, instead of all cash. For this reason, this may not be a viable option, and there’s no need to talk about it here.

Option Two: Hire A Company

Why would or wouldn’t you hire a company to do the credentialing for you?

Using a company to get credentialed can be expensive. Providers routinely pay fees of hundreds to even thousands of dollars.

But aside from the expense, there is something else to keep in mind.

Whoever does the credentialing for you needs to have all your information. Yet you are the one having to gather everything before sending it on to the company.

So let me ask you… who is doing the heavy lifting?

You will be doing much of it because a big part of the “credentialing hassle” is pulling everything together. And in all fairness, you’re the only person who can do that, at least initially.

Now, I’m not saying that a company won’t do anything, far from it.

However, you’ll be doing a lot of the work, because unless you provide every last bit of information, nothing can move forward.

Also, you’re entrusting someone else with tracking, follow up, and notifying you if there should be a problem.

But unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

I’ve heard from more than one Nurse Practitioner that they’ve run into problems with third-party credentialing. The people they hired and paid, either:

  • didn’t do it right
  • never finished or
  • didn’t even start and now are nowhere to be found

Some Nurse Practitioners even had to start over with the entire credentialing process, losing time, money, and income.

But please don’t get me wrong.

There are companies that will do a good job for you and get you credentialed. But be prepared to pay a pretty penny!

Option Three: DIY

This brings us to the last and perhaps best option… doing it yourself.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that it won’t take work to do your own credentialing. That would be a lie.

There is work involved when you do it yourself, just as there is work involved when someone else does it for you.

But I want you to understand that getting credentialed is not complicated. Simply follow the process I’ve outlined for you in “DIY Credentialing.”

If you fill out the paper work and submit everything required, there should be minimal time between application and being credentialed.

Besides, when you do your own credentialing, you are in the driver seat.

You’ll be able to respond much quicker to requests for additional information, which will get you credentialed faster. And as an extra bonus, you’ll be saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.


So now, let me tell you about “DIY Credentialing,” my step-by-step program that shows you how to do your own credentialing.

The course explains the entire credentialing process from start to finish.

  • I’ll tell you what information you need to gather so that you’re ready to start.
  • You’ll find out what information to enter so that you can continue with the process.
  • You’ll discover how to sign up and stay current with CAQH and Medicare.
  • You’ll learn how to follow up so that you know the status of your application.
  • You’ll find out how to make sure you are credentialed BEFORE you start seeing patients on an insurance panel… so that you‘ll get paid for your work.
  • You’ll also know what to do if your application should get denied so that you can take the correct steps to follow up.
  • And much more…


If you’re ready to start your own credentialing, fast track the process, and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, click here now. The program is available for the small, one-time investment of $47.

You’ll receive everything in “DIY Credentialing” right after checkout is completed.

  • You get over 60 minutes of bite-sized video instruction so that you know what to do step by step.
  • You get a checklist and tracking spreadsheet so that you can easily keep tabs on everything.
  • You get resource documents to help you fast track getting credentialed or re-credentialed.
  • You get access to resource links to help you access additional material.
  • The program is 100% digital; it is not a physical product. Watch it at your own convenience, 24/7, from the comfort of your home or any location of your choosing.

Get your copy of “DIY Credentialing” today and see how you can easily complete your own credentialing.

Best regards,

Barbara C. Phillips, APRN, GNP, FNP-BC, FAANP


P. S.  Don’t miss this opportunity; reserve your copy of “DIY Credentialing” while available for the small, one-time investment of $47. 




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