Let’s Face It, Starting and Running a Business Can Be Challenging …


Clinical skills alone are not enough to grow a thriving Nurse Practitioner practice.

To succeed, you must also hone your business skills and put real “feet-on-the-ground” experience under your belt. 

But sometimes, not even that is enough!

There are those times when you need extra help…

And it doesn’t matter if you’re new to business, just starting out, or have been in practice for years.

Because running an independent practice comes with its own set of challenges.


At times you may find yourself struggling with…

  • Ironing out the billing wrinkles so you can stop bleeding money
  • Smoothing out roller coaster cash flow that keeps you awake at night
  • Questions about how you should market your practice
  • Should you accept insurance or go all cash
  • Too many disagreements with your business partner
  • The first steps you must take when starting a practice
  • Finding enough patients to build your practice
  • Unanswered questions about collaboration or credentialing
  • How to create a strategic, long-term plan for your business
  • How to boost your practice revenue
  • How to increase patient retention in your practice
  • Implementing the right steps to get control over your “AR”
  • Knowing how to approach “trouble employees”
  • Should you add Telehealth to your practice
  • Dialing-in the positioning and messaging for your practice
  • Defining your value proposition, a.k.a. what makes you different
  • Finding additional revenue streams in your business
  • Feeling conflicted over taking money vs. giving care


While other times all you may need...

is a second set of eyes and honest feedback, so you can rest assured that you’ve covered all your bases and are on the right track!

No matter if you have a list of questions or need help with strategy for your business, just one hour of Focused Coaching with me can help.

Hi, I’m Barbara C. Phillips

Like you, I’m a Nurse Practitioner. Throughout the years I’ve owned and operated several clinical and non-clinical businesses.

But more important than that…

Over the past twelve years, I’ve worked with Nurse Practitioners and other clinicians to help them get started and grow their own practices. And one of the tools I've used that allowed me to help is Focused Coaching.

So if you ever feel stuck… or want to throw in the towel, I’m here to help.

I invite you to take advantage of my experience and expertise because sometimes all it takes is a gentle push in the right direction to get you back on track.

If you feel that what you need is a little help, a bit of mentoring, or perhaps just a brain-storming session, but not a full-fledged coaching program, then this Focused Coaching session is for you.


Here is what you get when you invest in the Focused Coaching program.

We spend one hour focused on what it is that you need.

You'll provide me with the necessary details beforehand, and then we'll get on the phone, Skype (or similar private video session) and work on what it is that you want to work on. 

Some clinicians choose to break up their 1-hour Focus Coaching session into two 30-minute sessions. It can work depending on your specific needs and schedule. But it’s your decision, and it’s up to you!

After you register for your session, you'll receive an email with the information I need from you as well as options for scheduling our time together.

We’ll zoom in on your most important questions to get you on the right track. After all, you do want to move forward in your business, right?

So let me lend you a helping hand. Sign up for your 1-hour Focused Coaching Session today so that we can get started.

I look forward to working with you!


Best regards, 

Barbara C. Phillips, APRN, GNP, FNP-BC, FAANP


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