What If You Could Build A Better, More Successful Practice Without The Common Pitfalls And Mistakes?

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Dear Colleague,

It was not supposed to be this way…

It took months of careful planning, research, and hard work to get your practice off the ground. You were not afraid to do the work… you did it all!

And when you finally opened the doors to your practice, you felt a deep sense of accomplishment, pride, and joy.

Back then, you thought that getting started was the hard part…

But now, after months or even years of running your practice, you realize it was the easy part.

Now you know first-hand that running, maintaining, and growing your practice is not “a walk in the park.”  


Because every day you might be faced with:

  • Having to find a new biller, who gets the job done, so you get paid
  • Insurance companies who drag their feet reimbursing you
  • Collecting money from patients who don’t want to pay their bills
  • Insurance companies who refuse to credential you
  • Not having enough money to pay your bills on time
  • Having to deal with hostile employees
  • No one to cover your front desk for the day
  • Wondering if your practice is in compliance
  • Having to find a new collaborator
  •  Finding ways to market and grow your practice
  • Ever changing rules and regulations

Sometimes you wonder how you will keep your sanity!

But as annoying as it all is, it is just one side of the coin.


The other side of the coin that is your practice is:

  • It’s the satisfaction you get from being your own boss
  • It’s the freedom you enjoy making your own decisions
  • It’s the ability to provide the care you were educated to give
  • It’s the flexibility to give your patients the care they deserve
  • It’s the knowledge that you can provide for yourself and your family
  • It’s the confidence that comes from knowing you can forge your own path

And this is the side of the coin that is priceless to you!

You love and cherish your independence. But there are times you struggle with the headaches of owning a practice. 



The Challenge

So how do you handle the ongoing challenges of running a practice?

  • How do you ensure that everything you do is legal?
  • How do you keep up with practice finances?
  • How do you keep your practice sustainable?
  • How do you market to grow your practice?
  • How do you make sure you maintain compliance?
  • How do you hire the right employees?
  • How do you…?

You keep learning…

You develop the necessary skills so you’ll be both, a skilled Nurse Practitioner and a well-informed business owner.

And this is why we are writing to you and Nurse Practitioners like you today.



The Advanced NP Business Boot Camp

Let us introduce you to the Advanced NP Business Boot Camp, where you can get the knowledge you need to run, sustain, and grow your practice.

The boot camp is for practice owners who want a “little extra help” growing their practices, without getting trapped in the common pitfalls and mistakes of practice ownership.

It’s for those who want to ensure that what they do is in compliance and within the law.

And it’s for those who understand that “I didn’t know that” will not keep them from losing their license, getting fined, or even going to jail.



An Event Unlike Any Other

The boot camp is a virtual event conducted over the course of four consecutive Fridays. Finally, you can acquire the skills you need right from the comfort of your home.

We’ve recorded pre-event material you are encouraged to review before the event so that all participants are “on the same page.”

While the boot camp is virtual, our platform allows us to create a classroom-like environment. Every student has the choice to be seen in the room and is encouraged to participate actively.

You’ll be pleased to see how simple and effortless it is to communicate and even network with your fellow students.

Limited seats are available to keep the class size small and intimate so that we can work with each person.

All sessions are recorded and available to participants for repeated, unlimited viewing.

The Advanced NP Business Boot Camp is brought to you by  Barbara C Phillips, APRN, GNP, FNP-BC, FAANP and Nancy Dirubbo, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP.

Barbara C. Phillips,



Nancy Dirubbo,



Together, we bring you over 40 years of experience as clinicians and business owners. We’ve produced previous boot camps that were well received by your peers.

In just a bit we’ll share with you what other NPs have said about their experience.



The Knowledge You’ll Gain

Here is some of what you’ll learn when you invest in the Advanced NP Business Boot Camp.

  • How to transition from being employed to being self-employed so that you can be more effective as a business owner.
  • Why the “employee mindset” will not help you as a business owner and how to change it.
  • A more thorough understanding of finances, budgets, and reports so that you can accurately assess the health of your business.
  • A closer look at understanding contracts and how to make them work for you so that you’ll be more knowledgeable and better prepared.
  • How to make sure that what you do in your practice is within the law, so that you can avoid legal trouble.
  • Opting out of Medicare and why you may or may not want to do it.
  • How to optimize your billing and how to address common billing problems, so that you can respond accurately and timely.
  • Insurance, reimbursement structures and how to make sure you’re getting paid so that you can enjoy a more stable cash flow.
  • The importance of compliance: how to make sure you and your practice remain in compliance at all times.
  • What to consider when selecting a collaborator, so that you’ll make the best choice.
  • A discussion of different business models you may want to consider for the future so that you’ll have choices in growing your business.


This list of topics is only a small sample of what’s to be discussed in the Advanced NP Business Boot Camp!  Also, at the completion of the boot camp you'll receive 10 contact hours.

We’ve designed the event with a degree of flexibility. We want  to make sure to allow adequate time so that we can address your needs and answer the questions you’ll bring to the boot camp.

Our goal is for you to go out and build a thriving practice. We want you to fill in the gaps, avoid the pitfalls, and shave years off your learning curve.



Here Is What NPs Have Said About Previous Boot Camps

“The boot camp was so worth it. I questioned how far it was really necessary, how much money I should be spending, and what kind of benefit it would be for me.

It was absolutely amazing, and I’m so glad I did this; it was the best thing I could have done. I absolutely would recommend this to any Nurse Practitioner who is within their first year, second year of business.”

Angela Smith from  Kidney Care Services


“It was a wealth of information that would have taken me years to acquire. A lot of reliable, solid, and critical information for NPs who want to venture into being a business owner. I think it’s a must!"

Malcolm Castaneda from Complete Family Care Clinic


“I’m excited about the information I gathered – it just filled in the gaps; I had a lot of gaps. The information I gathered here was what I’ve been trying to piece together for a while; we were able to cover it all in just one and a half days. It was just invaluable, and I am glad I had this opportunity."

Pamela Jackson from Health Care Dimensions LLC


“I’ve been in private practice for seven months now, specializing in ADHD, anxiety, and depression. I wanted to get more information about how to organize and develop my business and move forward.

I’ve learned lots of information and tips on how to organize myself, market, get more patients, and make sure I’m compliant in all areas. I recommend this to any NP who is in their first year or fifth year of practice. You can call me with any questions through my website Sharon Philbin, FNP."

Sharon Philbin from Sharon Philbin FNP


“I decided to participate because I felt I didn’t know much about starting my own practice. Attending this program and participating in the Nurse Practitioner Business Owner Starter kit gave me the tools and the confidence to get started. I feel that I’ve been able to avoid some of the pitfalls and legal issues because I’m well prepared to have a practice.”

Teresa Dowell from Four Peaks Healthcare


“I’ve had my own business for almost four years and decided to sign up for the Advanced Practice Boot Camp Business Owners Edition. It was very eye-opening. I thought I knew a lot, and I do, but there is so much more I needed to learn.

Nancy and Barbara had so much input and experience to give all of us. I have a huge to-do list that I thought I didn’t need to do, but it’s really going to make an impact on my patients and my practice.

I’m so excited to go forward and share this knowledge and provide better care and learn to be more of a business owner and not just a Nurse Practitioner… thank you very much for everything."

Lauren De Lucia from De Lucia Advance Practice, LLC  

Your Investment

Now you may be wondering:  “What is the investment in the Advanced NP Business Boot Camp?”

  • Remember, the boot camp is a small, intimate event so that all your questions will get addressed and answered.
  • The event takes place in our virtual classroom, which means you won’t have to pay for a plane ticket, hotel room, eating out, or any other expenses that come with travel...
  • Nor will you need to be away from your family or miss time from your office.
  • You can stay and learn from the comfort of your home, and revisit each session as many times as you’d like.
  • And in fact, we recommend you review each recording at least three times. With every repetition, you’ll pull out another golden nugget that you can put to use in your practice.

Reserve your seat now. Sign up for the Advanced NP Business Boot Camp and save money by getting our Early Bird Pricing. Your one-time investment of $697 holds your seat in the boot camp.  

The early bird pricing is available only through 12-31-2017 at midnight. After that, the investment for the boot camp increases to the regular, one-time fee of $797.

Sign up for our Advanced NP Business Boot Camp before Dec. 31st and save $100.  Don’t miss this opportunity!



An Investment In Your Success

We cannot guarantee you will build a successful practice with your participation in the Advanced NP Business Boot Camp.

However, we can guarantee you will learn concrete, timely, and priceless information you can immediately put into action.

We hope to see your name on the Advanced NP Business Boot Camp registration list and look forward to “meeting” you in our virtual classroom!


To your success,

Barbara C. Phillips & Nancy Dirubbo


P.S. Don’t forget, Early Bird Special Pricing is available only through midnight 12-31-2017. So, the sooner you reserve your spot, the more money you save! Seating is truly limited because a small group means more time for you.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the technical requirements to participate in the boot camp?

If participating from your desktop, you’ll need internet access, a webcam, and a microphone; you’ll also need to download the Zoom app.

If you’re participating from your iPad or smartphone, all you need to do is download Zoom.

All the meeting details are in the “Welcome” module in the pre-event recordings.


What are the dates and times for the boot camp?

We meet for four consecutive Fridays: the boot camp starts on Friday, January 19, 2018 and runs through February 9, 2018. Each boot camp begins  at 1 PM Eastern and runs for 120 minutes.


What if I can’t attend during those times?

We encourage you to attend all live sessions. However, if you cannot be there for every session, everything will be recorded and available shortly after that.


Who is it for?

The Advanced Business Boot Camp is for current business owners only, regardless of length in practice. The Advanced NP Business Boot Camp is NOT for Nurse Practitioners thinking about starting a practice.

If you’re in the planning stages of starting a practice consider the following resource: “Nurse Practitioner Startup Kit.”


Will I get CE credits?

Yes, upon completion of the boot camp you will receive 10 contact hours. 



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