If You Bill Insurance, You Want To Be On This Webinar!

ERISA & You: Learn how to protect against payer recoupment & more

Join Barbara C Phillips, APRN, FNP, FAANP and special guest Don Self, CMCS, CPC, CASA as he talks about ERISA and how it can protect your practice against the whims of insurance carriers.

Over 90% of practices do not realize that insurance carriers cannot recoup money from them, more often than not!  Take control in 2021!

On this free webinar you'll learn:

  • What is ERISA and why it's important.
  • Which claims are ERISA Claims.
  • How this law applies to timely filing.
  • How to respond when the payer asks to you to pay back money they have already paid you.
  • How to take control in 2021 and beyond.

Register now, encourage your colleagues to register, and get ready to learn information about this 1974 law that MOST practices still don't know.

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