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We are often asked what is the best solution for "xyz"? It may be a product, service, or even a business path.

The recommendations here are products & services we have used ourselves and are comfortable recommending. Occasionally, they may be products or services that come from trusted sources.

If you have further questions, just contact us.

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Collaboration & Compliance

Zivian makes clinical collaborations more productive and handles the challenges of state regulations so that NPs can stay focused on providing great patient care.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Don Self is a Medical Reimbursement Consultants since 1988, serving tens of thousands of practices. A friend of NPs and full of helpful information to help our practices grow.

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QuickBooks is our preferred accounting software. We have tried others and found it's best to stick with the Gold Standard that all CPAs and bookkeepers know. 


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Payroll with Gusto

The easiest way to manage your payroll, benefits, and more. It's what we use, and I really like that it takes care of our payroll taxes automatically!


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2023 CPT & EM Coding Manual

A MUST for each practice. Every year the AMA updates these codes with deletions, revisions, and additions. Stay updated & reduce denials and other issues. 

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Operating Policies and Procedures Manual for Medical Practices 5th Edition

A more current P&P Manual is available in print form. As with the other recommended text, you are free to customize the templates.

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The Nurse Practitioner Business & Legal Guide

Now in its 7th edition, this is one book I've had on my reference shelf for years. Every NP needs this book to refer to before those questions come up.

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Backing Up with Backblaze

Backing up your computer is crucial. This is the backup system I have used for several years. It has come in handy more than once. Very cost-effective.

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Project Management

There are a lot of moving parts when starting a practice, or designing the business of the dreams, taking on projects like writing that book. Trello can help you stay organized and it's free.

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This gets daily use here! I used the free version for years (which is fantastic) and finally upgraded to pro. What a difference! More images & other resources, & being able to easily resize an image is golden!

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Are you getting reimbursed?

Don Self, who is a friend of NPBO offers an array of services for NPs including courses on coding % reimbursement. Use the discount code "NPBO" for a 10% discount. (Also check out his services for RPM!)

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Medical and Office Supplies

Did you know you can find supplies for your practice on Amazon? Not only can you get your office supplies, but many of the medical supplies you need are available.

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Affiliate Disclaimer

The links on this page may contain "affiliate links". That means, since it's a recommendation from us, we may get a small referral fee that supports our free blog and podcast. In all cases, it does NOT mean you pay additional for that product or service. Any revenue earned supports our free blog and podcast.


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